Thank you for performing at our event for MOCA’s HOM Teal Strides! You guys are amazing! The participants love the upbeat music so much. How fun to have a quartet this year. I walked over to your performance location and loved how the walkers enjoyed your music as they came around the corner. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay and say hello-you were all very busy and playing so intently. Glad you had a sign out this year too. We are so grateful for you being there to support and perform for all the participants!” 

– Nancy, MOCA Benefit Run


Just what I needed, thank you SO much. I happened to be driving around, feeling blah and uncertain of what life holds in store, amidst all this worldly upheaval, etc. I happen to love the beach and traveling so on this 100 degree day. I had my window down, feeling the breeze slip through my car…. And heard… The most joyous sounds I have heard in such a long long time-you all playing (besides my kids when they laugh and have fun with friends)!! HUGE BLESSING!! I parked and sat on the green grass, happily enjoying!! 

– Roxana, Golden Valley resident


I just wanted to let you know that the trio of musicians that performed at Northfield Hospital for our employee appreciation picnic did a wonderful job. Their music was perfect for the picnic…upbeat and fun…it made the event festive and lively. The three just kept playing and playing, despite the heat. I heard MANY great compliments about how fun it was to have live music at the picnic. Your presence really did bring the event up a notch.

– Courtney, Northfield Hospital


I just wanted to drop a note and thank you all once again for last night. My inbox is full of happy folks saying that they had a great time and that they really enjoyed your performances, which was a big hit with all of our guests.

– Garrett Zaffke, Dakota County Volunteer Coordinator


Thanks again for providing the Pan-handler experience yesterday and I can assure you that it was well received by everybody that was in attendance. Nothing but positive feedback and we will definitely keep you guys at the top of the list for any requests or needs that we will have coming up in the near future, along with our hospitality clients.

– Penn Garvich, Ryder Cup Hospitality Coordinator


Thank you again for a great job at the Bazaar stage last summer… Tell the band they’re terrific!

– Nate Dungan, MN State Fair Entertainment Supervisor